Room 404

Hosted ByEwan Spence

Room 404 is a wonderful room where our guests can share forgotten gadgets, websites, technologies, games, films, and TV series.

Room 404 – Melissa Pierce

Creator of the award-winning film series Life In Perpetual Beta and (in her words) hundreds of other less well-known good ideas, it’s time for Melissa Pierce to join in with the increasingly popular Room 404. Which old gadgets, techs and principles would she like to see brought back into the modern world, and should anything we use today be banished to the room of things that time forgot?

  • The TRS-80
  • The corded telephone
  • The difference engine
  • Reel to reel magnetic tape
  • GPS voices

Life in Perpetual Beta, Pierce’s documentary can be found online, and the rest of her online presence is noted at

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