SXSW Baby Show

Hosted ByEwan Spence, Eric Young

Showcasing the music, film, and interactive moments of the South by Southwest festivals, alongside the SXSW Baby blog.

The SXSW Baby Show Is No Longer Active

Following SXSW 2018, both the SXSW Baby blog and SXSW Baby podcast were wound down.

What follows in this feed are some select shows from our coverage of SXSW’s Film, Music, and Interactive tracks from previous years. You’ll find…

  • The history of Compaq computers, as told by the founders who took on IBM,
  • The power of yarn to tell a story,
  • Astronaut Gene Cernan and the emotions of being the last man to walk on the moon,
  • The excitement of debuting new music at SXSW.

And more…