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The Edinburgh Fringe Archive – Sarah Kendall (Get Up, Stand Up, 2012)

This week we’re back to 2012 once more, as former Perrier nominee Sarah Kendall returned to the Fringe after a five-year absence.

“Get Up, Stand Up” (or is it “Get Up, Stand-Up”, how delightfully interpretive) takes on a more storytelling approach than a bang-bang-jokes routine, and Kendall’s acting chops wer brought to the fore in an hour of pitch-perfect raccanteuring, reflecting on motherhood, the world that her daughter was growing up in, all wrapped up by the tale of the Ugly Duckling.

[Kendall’s hour is] extremely funny and self-deprecating routine about the absurdity of gushing Fringe reviews. Setting the tone for the rest of the show, it’s accessible material that’s well observed, made to look daft by the Aussie’s scornful angle on it, before she turns it into something truly silly with the odd left field idea.

Gigglebeats /  * * * *

Her recent work includes the TV show Frayed, which has just finished its second season, and an appearance on the UK version of Taskmaster – so as you’d expect there’s countless clips of her discovering a bag of salt.

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