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The Edinburgh Fringe Archives – James Seager and Les Enfants Terribles (Vaudevillans, 2016)

Everyone at the Fringe is inventive, but one group is very much associated with that in my mind, Les Enfant Terribles. Formed in 2002 by James Seager and Oliver Lansley, they have brought many shows to the Fringe over the years, from psychological World War One horror, through Piratosaurs, to 2016’s vaudevillans;a classic murder caper mixed with a variety show.

James Seager popped into our studio that year to explain it… although that year the studio was a shed next to a double decker bus that had been renovated to be a theatre on wheels. Oh and Lucy Evans joined me from Edinburgh Student Radio Fresh Air FM as well. 

“The Vaudevillains is never in danger of outstaying its welcome, and offers plenty to raise a smile, particularly the stories of Gaston Gasteau, the silent but deadly mime artist, and Albert Frog, whose ventriloquism act with Mr Punchy might be a manifestation of something more sinister. The visual gags are sharp, there are a couple of excellent songs, and the charm is the fact that it is all a little frayed around the edges. Very light stuff, but murderously good fun.”

The Guardian.

So we return to the Palais du Variete., with Les Enfants, and find out which of our Vaudeville stars are the Vaudevillans.

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