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The Edinburgh Fringe Archives – Rich Batsford (Classically Chilled Piano, 2015)

Popping up for a single week at the Edinburgh Fringe – something that was becoming a more popular option in recent years due to the cost and complexity of the Fringe – Rich Batsford brought his piano to the Festival. 

Was this a rock n roll hour of gags and wordplay? No. But it was a master at work. The Fringe is more than stand-up comedy, and our Fringe interviews always try to get the same balance. And this certainly was it – Batsford could capture the room in the same way as any Perrier nominee, could twist his tales with a look, and bring out emotions with a few flickers of fingers over the piano keys.

“Every once in a while, in the hurly-burly, helter-skelter that is the Fringe, you bump into an hour of entertainment that slows you down, relaxes, makes you reflect a bit on life and what’s important to you – chill out, in other words. This is it.
Recommended / Fringe Review.

Myself and Nick Awde caught up with Batsford in the podcast studio to talk about Batsford’s show, his approach to music, and the power of a silent moment.

So let’s go back to the Fringe, back to the Space at Surgeons Hall, and the Classically Chilled Piano Show of Rich Batsford.

And remember…. The show’s over, don’t try and get tickets!

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