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Explore the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Ewan Spence through a mix of reviews, news, and interviews.

Hosted ByEwan Spence, Fin Ross Russell

Welcome to the Edinburgh Fringe Show.

This BAFTA-nominated podcast is a mix of news from the biggest arts festival in the world, with interviews and reviews from the world of comedy, theatre, and music; featuring over 1000 guests since we started coverage in 2005.

Just as the Edinburgh Fringe went on hiatus in 2020, so did the Fringe podcast. When the Fringe returned to a full roster for 2022. Ewan Spence was joined by Fin Ross Russell to guide listeners through the festival with a daily mix of interviews, thoughts, news, and more.

Following the 2022 Fringe, we are exploring our extensive library of guests with a weekly showcase interview from the archives.

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Max Percy (This Is Not A Show About Hong Kong)

Max Percy joins Fin to discuss his brilliantly titled ‘This is Not a Show About Hong Kong’. We explore the legal necessity of such a long title, the importance of developing your own artistic language and the challenge in trying to artistically represent a situation as complicated as that of Hong Kong.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Will Pickvance (Half Man Half Piano)

Will Pickvance joins Ewan Spence to talk about his mix of music and storytelling at this year’s Fringe. From the first moments of being already on stage and playing as the audience arrive, through a gentle journey, to the final moments that wrap music and story together, his latest show continues to showcase a unique style.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Nell Bailey (How To Build A Wax Figure)

Nell Bailey of November Theatre joins Fin Ross to talk about the theatre’s Fringe offering for 2022, ‘How To Build a Wax Figure’. We talk about queer love in 2022, crowd-funding a Fringe experience and how on earth a play was devised in which an anatomical wax sculptor falls in love with a maker of prosthetic eyes.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Making The Fringe Accessible

Ewan talks to live captioner Claire Hill (Claire Hill Realtime) and Jonnny Patton (producer and programmer for The Pleasance) about the various accessible shows at The Pleasance; including audio described, captioned, signed, relaxed shows and touch tours, as part of the Fringe.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – This Week’s Fringe Review And Recommendations

Fin Ross and Ewan sit down together after another week of The Fringe to talk about the shows they have seen, the marathon of performing in Edinburgh, and to discuss the big news stories from the biggest Arts Festival in the world. They also pick out four shows to recommend for this weekend in the Capital.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Shelly Middler (The Collie’s Shed)

It’s time for an East Lothian story as Fin talks to writer/director Shelley Middler about her new play ‘The Collie’s Shed’. We learn about East Lothian’s mining heritage, the effects of the pit closures on local communities across the county and the eerie parallels between politics then and now.

Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Ignacio Lopez (El Cómico)

Ewan sits down with Igancio Lopez to talk about the family name being passed down the years, performing indoors in the heat of an Edinburgh summer, and why he hasn’t brought his Lockdown Quiz Nights to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Lubna Kerr (Tickbox)

Fin Ross speaks to fellow Edinburgh native Lubna Kerr about her semi-autobiographical play ‘Tickbox’. Themes include what happens to Edinburgh when the Fringe comes to town, immigration in the 60s vs. today and why it’s important to never let yourself be forced into a tickbox.

Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Alice Brine (Brinestorm)

Every stand-up has something special to bring to the microphone. For Alice Brine the starting point is her ADHD and how it allows her to look at life in a different way to her audience. Ewan sits down with Alice to talk about her debut at the Edinburgh Fringe, living with ADHD, and bringing her life experiences and unique viewpoint to the stand-up stage.