The Edinburgh Fringe Show

Explore the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Ewan Spence through a mix of reviews, news, and interviews.

Hosted ByEwan Spence, Fin Ross Russell

Welcome to the Edinburgh Fringe Show.

This BAFTA-nominated podcast is a mix of news from the biggest arts festival in the world, with interviews and reviews from the world of comedy, theatre, and music; featuring over 1000 guests since we started coverage in 2005.

Just as the Edinburgh Fringe went on hiatus in 2020, so did the Fringe podcast. When the Fringe returned to a full roster for 2022. Ewan Spence was joined by Fin Ross Russell to guide listeners through the festival with a daily mix of interviews, thoughts, news, and more.

Following the 2022 Fringe, we are exploring our extensive library of guests with a weekly showcase interview from the archives.

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2016 – Sunday Aug 14

With the cast of Spontaneous Sherlock, David Gant (King Arthur), Patrick Monahan (Pub Quiz for Kids), John Robertson (The Dark Room), and the cast of Captain Flinn And The Magic Cutlass.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2014 – Saturday Aug 9

With Gordon Southern, Lucie Pohl, Tom Rhodes, and the cast of Manuelita.