The Edinburgh Fringe Show

Explore the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Ewan Spence through a mix of reviews, news, and interviews.

Hosted ByEwan Spence

Welcome to the Edinburgh Fringe Show.

This BAFTA-nominated podcast is a mix of news from the biggest arts festival in the world, with interviews and reviews from the world of comedy, theatre, and music; featuring over 1000 guests since we started coverage in 2005.

Just as the Edinburgh Fringe went on hiatus in 2020, so did the Fringe podcast. The Fringe returned to a full roster for 2022, as did the podcast. Following the 2022 Fringe, we explored our extensive library of guests with a weekly showcase interview from the archives.

With Fringe 2023 here, the big show is back, bringing you the best flavour of the Fringe that we have done for nearly twenty years.

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Welcome To The Start Of The Fringe

A year has passed since we were last here at the Edinburgh Fringe, but for many it feels like we left Edinburgh in 2019 and are only returning now. However long the wait, the wait is over as Fringe 2022 gets under way here in Edinburgh. Ewan and Fin Ross sit down to talk about their love of the Fringe, what to expect over the next three weeks, how the podcast is going to work, and our first batch of recommended shows.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Dave Johns (A Comic’s Tale)

Dave Johns started out in the comedy clubs of the UK almost thirty years ago, and his career includes appearances in award-winning films, TV panel shows, arthouse projects, and the occasional appearance on the West End stage. For his return to the Fringe, he’s bringing it all back down to a man, a microphone, and “some funny stuff”. Ewan sits down with Dave to find out more about his career, his approach to life, a mysterious bunny rabbit costume… and a chiming clock.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Emily Aboud (Bogeyman)

Our previews of the 2022 edition of the world’s biggest arts Festival continue as we turn to the theatre side of the Fringe. Fin Ross Russell talks to ‘Bogeyman’ director Emily Aboud about misconceptions around voodoo, the Caribbean definition of a play and why the Haitian revolution is the most important historical event that nobody knows about.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022 – Daniel Cainer

Beginning our previews ahead of the Edinburgh Fringe 2022, Ewan talks to Daniel Cainer about his show “More Jewish Chronicles”, the emotional power of music, and how he ended up writing our unofficial theme song.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022: Prologue

Welcome back to The Podcast Corner’s Edinburgh Fringe Show. With the Edinburgh Fringe coming returning after a limited programme in 2021, the Edinburgh Fringe Show returns to the podcasting and radio world.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show’s COVID-19 Hiatus

Following the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 the world… changed, especially for those in the live arts and those covering the arts. With no Edinburgh Fringe in 2020, the show moved into hiatus.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2019 – Saturday Aug 10

Ewan Spence chats with Brodi Snook, Magical Bones, Bethany Heath, and Matt Parker. Music comes from Momento, and Bow Jangles.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2017 – Saturday Aug 15

With Cally Beaton, Megan Gogerty, Djuki Mala, and The Marriage Of Kim K.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2016 – Iraq Out Loud

An in-depth look at ‘Iraq Out Loud,’ as the Chilcot Report into the Iraq War is read out loud in its entirety at the Edinburgh Fringe.