My Cat’s Tale

Purrfect podcast stories of our feline friends. Every week Ewan Spence sits down with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. We share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

Hosted ByEwan Spence

Welcome to My Cat’s Tale, where we share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

Ewan Spence sits down every week with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. Think a comfy and cozy chat over coffee as we celebrate our cats’ lives.

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My Cat’s Tale: Mr Tibbs and The Joy Of Cats

Mr Tibbs has been a film critic, a director, movie star, and a quiz show host, starring in the various shows from The Joy Of Cats. Ewan talks with Judy to talk about Mr Tibbs’ life away from the spotlight, the cats he lives with, and why Judy enjoys writing with and about her cats.

My Cat’s Tale: Freddie J Mercury

Freddie J Mercury is a curious cat who came into Glenn Fitzpatrick’s life in the week before America shut down due to Covid. Spending his time between their Washington apartment and Glen’s parents out in the suburbs, Freddie plays on his cute looks and plaintive meows to try and get everything he wants. Sometimes it works.

My Cat’s Tale: Monty

Monty happily lives it up in his New York apartment as he charms Lauren Passell, helping her learn his language and find the pure love of a cat. Ewan discovers just how much attention Monty craves, his favourite physical activities, and how he stole his name from another Monty in Lauren’s life.

My Cat’s Tale: Hank

Hank may be a ‘foster failure’, but she has found herself a loving home with Anne, a home where she helps other foster kittens to find their forever homes. Ewan finds out more about Hank and her name, how she helps foster kittens around Austin into better lives, and how hard it is when the kittens move out.

My Cat’s Tale: George The Station Cat

George chose a life on the railways, and once he was in the office, he was hired as the Senior Mouse Catcher. Ewan pulls in to Stourbridge Junction to learn about the life of a Station Cat, how George brightens up everybody’s day, and why he has a stunt double.

My Cat’s Tale: Scruff

Scruff kept showing up in Sweeney’s garden for many months, until he decided that the time was right to move in with her and her other cats. Ewan listens to the tale of the stray cat that came in from the cold, the challenge of living with FIV, and how lockdown turned Scruff into a house cat.

My Cat’s Tale: Gus And Echo

Gus and Echo are Kat’s cuddly companions. Echo puts up with Gus’ grooming, they share their zoomies, and love snuggling. Ewan finds out about Kat’s previous cat Tycho, how he and Gus became friends, and knowing the time was right for Echo to join Gus.

My Cat’s Tale: CokeZero

CokeZero is an amazing companion to Kira, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and loves wrestling. Ewan wonders how many messages are actually meant for Coca-Cola, does Blueberry like being her sparring partner, and what wrestling weight Coke Zero is.

My Cat’s Tale: StevieEvilCat

Stevie is a tiny cat with a big attitude. Not only does he have a secret identity, but he lives next door to his unsuspecting friend. Ewan finds out how to live with a cat that wants to be Jason Statham, that loved lockdown, and has a bag of quips and comebacks for his Twitter audience.