My Cat’s Tale

Purrfect podcast stories of our feline friends. Every week Ewan Spence sits down with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. We share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

Hosted ByEwan Spence

Welcome to My Cat’s Tale, where we share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

Ewan Spence sits down every week with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. Think a comfy and cozy chat over coffee as we celebrate our cats’ lives.

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My Cat’s Tale – Pawsley

For a long time, Nathalie’s allergies meant she could not have a pet, but when this calmed down, especially around ragdolls, Pawsley arrived on the scene. He’s a cat that definitely knows what he wants and is not afraid to let people know.

Nathalie talks to Ewan about living with a very chatty cat, how she introduced Wintery to the house, and how much Pawsley prefers working from home rather than walking into the office with her.

My Cat’s Tale – One-Eyed Willow and Two-Eyed Buffy

Willow and Buffy did not have the easiest start to their lives, but all that changed when Kristan found them in a shelter. Quickly making it known that they would like to go home with these comic-loving humans, Willow and Buffy settled in to a wonderful life.

Ewan chats with Kristan about Willow’s ongoing medical issues, how this Buffy is not very good at slaying, and the most important issue of all… which season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Willow and Buffy are most like Kristan’s Willow and Buffy?

My Cat’s Tale – Buddy and Gizmo, the Scottish Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is not an insubstantial cat. Bring two of them into your life, and you are welcoming in a a lot of fun, adventure, and love. Buddy and Gizmo are two such cats, continuing the tradition of great Scottish double acts.

Ewan chats with fellow Scotsman James about living with two near-lions, the intelligence of Gizmo and cunning patience of Buddy, and the impact of owning cats weighing twenty pounds.

My Cat’s Tale – Stacy LeBaron and The Community Cats Podcast

Stacy LeBaron is the host of ‘The Community Cats Podcast’ which is dedicated to creating a supportive environment to help people help cats in and around their community, as well as providing information on cat welfare and preventing cat overpopulation.

She is also a huge cat lover.

Ewan caught up with Stacy to hear more about her journey, from her family’s first cat, through early TNR projects in America, to her current involvement with many animal welfare organisations that support cats.

My Cat’s Tale – Ophur and Rosie

Ophur and Rosie are two gorgeous rag-doll cats from New Zealand. Like any classic double act, Rosie is the one who runs around and wants to do everything all at once, while Ophur is a little bit more sedate and measured in his approach to life as the top cat of the household.

Carla tells us the story of these two cats who were instantly close to each other, even if Ophur will not share his box. We also talk about the huge positive influence that Ophur and Rose have made to Carla’s life, and how she can share the love they give to her with the rest of the world.

My Cat’s Tale – Dougie Three Legs

A wild little feral, Dougie lost his front leg in an accident when he was ten months old. With medical help, he recovered, but was in the rescue shelter for seven months… until Crystal came along to adopt this loving little cat… who purred all the way home

Crystal and Ewan talk about Dougie’s amazing life. The bunny hops that become zoomies, the careful selection of a harness so he can go outside, and the special snuggles you get from a three-legged cat.

My Cat’s Tale – Teddy, Sushi, and the Cat Sitter

Teddy and Sushi live with Genevieve, who made sure that she and her husband spent the first two weeks with them at home (and introducing me to the term of pet-ertnity leave). The two cats decided themselves which cat would pair up with which human, but Teddy and Sushi are not the only cats in Genevieve’s life. When Genevieve steps out of the front door, she becomes… the cat sitter.

Genevieve talks to Ewan about Teddy and Sushi, and also her life as a cat sitter, how to befriend a new cat, and the magical toy that every cat falls in love with.

My Cat’s Tale – Copurrnicus and Grabbity

Copernicus was likely not just a stray but a feral kitten when Suw and Kevin adopted him. That caused conflict between himself and Suw’s two older cats, the late Mewton, and Grabbity. The slow introductions, sharing scents and playing with them together that many recommend did not work; and the delicate peace never lasted long.

Suw and Kevin persevered, and now Copernicus and Grabbity are best of friends. Suw talks to Ewan about adopting Copernicus, dealing with his challenging behaviour over many years, and how he found peace within the house and with Grabbity.

My Cat’s Tale – Malcolm The Cat

Malcolm is on the mend after a recent accident that saw him needing an operation, but this proud cat has so many people supporting him. From Eric, the sidekick better known as Baby Dog, with Caroline and the rest of his family at home, all his neighbours, and countless others contributing to his care online.

For once, Malcolm is getting back the love, care, and devotion he has shown to everyone around him. Ewan talks with Caroline as she thanks the community for their support, remembers when Malcolm first met Baby Dog, and why he has such an ‘old man’s’ name.