The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2023 – Marc Burrows (The Magic Of Terry Pratchett)

In today’s Fringe 2023 preview, Ewan is joined by long-time friend of the parish Marc Burrows. He’s bringing three shows to Edinburgh this year… a classic stand-up, a second show that talks about what happened in his third show, and a third show that takes us through the life and work of Sir Terry Pratchett.

When did Marc decide to bring Sir Terry to the Fringe, why the footnotes that Pratchett loved are part of the experience, and what was he thinking when he added a third show to his already busy Fringe schedule?

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2023 – Anu Vaidyanathan (Blimp)

The Edinburgh Fringe is drawing closer, so let’s continue our previews, talking to some of the artists who will be arriving in August.

In our second preview ahead of Fringe 2023, Ewan chats with Anu Vaidyanathan about her show ‘Blimp’, and her busy creative life. She is a comedian, filmmaker, director, and triathlete; Anu brings her show to the Fringe, exploring her nomadic and creative life with the audience.

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2023 – jD Shapiro (Stories From The Hood To Hollywood)

Our first full preview of the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, and Ewan meets jD Shapiro to talk about his second Edinburgh show “Stories From The Hood To Hollywood”. How does stand-up fit into his career as a writer and director, what did he learn at the Fringe last year, and why has he come back to Edinburgh?

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The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2023: Prologue

As we prepare to explore another year of the Edinburgh Fringe, Ewan Spence opens up the season with our traditional musical prologue from Daniel Cainer.

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