jeremy nicholas

The Edinburgh Fringe Archives – Jeremy Nicholas (After Dinner Stories From My Disastrous Broadcasting Career, 2018)

Jeremy Nicholas’ career includes working as a news and sports reporter from his early days at studio radio, an award-winning breakfast radio show on BBC Greater London, recognition for his live commentary at the horrific Hillsborough Disaster, the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence, and 11 years as the voice of the FIFA computer games.

2018 saw Jeremy bring a show packed full of anecdotes, hilarity, and humility to the Edinburgh Fringe with the keyword packed ‘After Dinner Stories From My Disastrous Broadcasting Career’. It’s a mix of a new discipline with a long and varied career.

What brought Jeremey to the Fringe? How did he decide on this hour of material? And who will you find in his audience?

Let’s head back to the Gilded Balloon, back to a dining room converted into a stage fro someone to talk about speaking in dining rooms. Let’s go back to 2018 and Jeremy Nicholas.

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