rob lloyd

The Edinburgh Fringe Archives – Rob Lloyd (Who Me, 2017)

‘Who, Me’ launched in Australia in 2011, and has been a popular hour on the touring circuit since then. It’s always nice to have a show that always sells at the Fringe. to go along with your regular set. This is the show that made bank for Rob… and still does.

He joins myself and co-host Jon Jacob in the Rose Street Theatre; we broadcast the podcast live in 2017, so everything was one take, get it right, fun and games.

So now, ‘vworp vworp’ back in time to the Fringe, back to the time as a new companion was announced by the BBC, and a little bit of a doctor who trivia train with Rob Lloyd

Always remember: The show is finished, don’t try and get tickets- Actually, this time, the show is still out there, so maybe?

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