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Explore the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Ewan Spence through a mix of reviews, news, and interviews.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022: Prologue

Welcome back to The Podcast Corner’s Edinburgh Fringe Show. With the Edinburgh Fringe coming returning after a limited programme in 2021, the Edinburgh Fringe Show returns to the podcasting and radio world.

This episode is all about two big topics. The first is “does everything work?” It’s been a few years since we used this feed to its full potential, so it makes sense to do a public check before everything gets a bit hectic.

Secondly, it’s for all of our followers to see that The Edinburgh Fringe Show is coming back, what to expect, and when to expect it. We have three preview shows with guests from the world of theatre, comedy, and music; there will be weekly shows every Saturday during the Fringe, and there may be some surprises mid-week as well!

Dear Edinburgh, let’s do this one more time…

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