Room 404

Room 404 is a wonderful room where our guests can share forgotten gadgets, websites, technologies, games, films, and TV series.

Hosted ByEwan Spence

Room 404 is a wonderful room, full of gadgets, websites, technologies, games, films, TV series, and more. It’s just that the world has forgotten about them. But not the geeks. So this is their chance to talk to the webmaster of Room 404 to bring back what once was lost into the public eye.

Room 404 was a short run series, debuting in 2011 following a slightly tounge-in-cheek posting on the popular B3TA newsletter:

Things we’d really like to see include Room 404 – a podcast where nerdy guests chat about 10 websites / technologies that aren’t there any more but were aces. This week Sir Clive on the QL, wobbly ram packs and the now closed Spearmint Rhino website.

One week later, we offered B3TA our version of what they wanted to see, and they kindly listed it in the newsletter:

Room 404 is a podcast, where nerdy guests talk about four vintage gadgets they’d like to recover from the vaults of Room 404, plus one current techy thing they’d like to consign to oblivion. “To be honest grabbing some geeks on Skype and getting them to talk wistfully about old computers is pretty easy,” confesses Ewan. Still, this is a rare instance of somebody making one of the things we ask for at the end of the newsletter, so massive kudos to him.

Room 404 continues to be an intriguing idea that may or may not return in the future. For now, here are some of the episodes from that first run in 2011.

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Room 404 – Ian Kendall

Ian Kendall is our second visitor to Room 404 to decide what he’d like to rescue from the vault… and in a slight twist to the format, which modern item he thinks deserves to be banished.

Room 404 – Chris Dunphy

For our first visit to Room 404, let’s welcome Chris Dunphy from Technomadia. While he’s been on the road for the last few years, his geek credentials are high, as you’ll hear. So what’s Chris hoping to bring back?