The Edinburgh Fringe Archives – Old Trunk (The Bastard Children Of Remington Steele)

Put on by Old Trunk in 2014 – Sadie Hasler (Playwright/Actor) and Sarah Mayhew (Director/Actor) brought The Bastard) Children of Remington Steele to The Fringe. The play is less about about the television series and more about life and finding a place in it

Curiously, this show was a double-header at the Fringe – while this and ‘The Secret Wives Of Andy Williams’ were both standalone plays, they were also designed to be seen in partnership with each other and create a larger story.

The podcast brought them into the local radio station – the show that year pulled double duty with online downloads, streaming, and FM transmission – to talk about the shows, although our resident chaos bunny Dan rapidly derails the conversation towards the titular Remington Steele.

We’re heading back to 2014, back to the Underbelly on the Cowgate, and back to Remington Steele.

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